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This has been happening everytime. I intentionally login to run around with my ship and then to Shadowguard to create system messages, to show you what I mean next.

Do you see the message above (red box) getting cut off ?

"All members of your party are dead, have logged offf, or have.... *cut*.

This is only an example, I am not referring only to the specific message above, but ANY messages for any event, including champ spawn, peerless, for any activity. And eventually its not just cut, but latest full messages may get hidden completely.

For example, Minax will tell us what is the next boss in Roof. There are also other important messages that get hidden and we have to resize the window to see them.

It may work fine for a while when logged in initially. But after playing for some time, the latest messages start to get hidden. It is there, but the left side scroll bar is showing its at the bottom but the latest message is not shown as the last line. We have to manually "resize" this window a few times just to get the latest info to appear or to see the full sentence.

This is very frustrating especially when in a situation which is urgent or tired, then we just give up, logged off for the day because I am sick of resizing a window to see latest update!  :(

@Bleak @Misk Please help to add this bug to top priority or provide a solution, thanks!

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