Lag and the lost Atlantic Shard

Don't look now but Atlantic is gone......


  • Lady_StormLady_Storm Posts: 400
    I know its late in the east but someone wake the hamster.
  • Lady_StormLady_Storm Posts: 400
    Would have been nice to have gotten a notice that the Hamster got off an hour early tonight
  • Lady_StormLady_Storm Posts: 400
    You don't think the hamster caught covid-19 do you???
  • Atlantic is finally back up!!!
  • usernameusername Posts: 725
    Between Atlantic crashing and it lagging out all day long not looking good friends. Wish they took care of this game at all instead of letting it go in to maintenance mode. So many games from the late 90's early 00's that are thriving because they receive constant attention... UO just left out back to die and wither away.
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  • Lord_NabinLord_Nabin Posts: 203
    Lag is still bad

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