No sound enhanced client

the sound worked at first but the 2nd or 3rd day it vanished. Music and sound effects on, full volume in the options but no sound/music even on the opening where the chest appears and you type in your password.  Music and sound work in the legacy client. I'd like to fix this as I need full screen on this 55 inch tv due to vision problems.


  • JeddakJeddak Posts: 10
    Never mind. I finally saw the reset button and the sound started working. Something in my choices to do with legacy things in the enhanced client conflicted somehow and muted the sound I guess. 
  • JeddakJeddak Posts: 10
    Sadly, the saga continues. I continually have to reset the UI, close the window. Reload to get sound back. It's pretty annoying. All I do now is reset, select full screen, switch to 1368x760 to play now. I've done that 3 times today already. No reply from help requests. 
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,019Moderator
    I'm guessing you've tried 'full file check'?
    What do you do immediately before losing the sound?
  • TimTim Posts: 797
    There is a long standing sound bug. If I let my computer go to sleep with out closing EC when I wake it later I some times get screwed up sound. Sound a lot like a bad AM radio signal. Some time it goes away on it own other times after switching characters or restarting the client. I've noticed this over couple of different computers over a number of years (yes I always do a full clean instal).

    I find it mildly annoying but not enough to make a bug. I actually suspect its an issue with Microsofts divers. (Active X?)
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