i need help please with updating CC info

hello my card has expired and I put new date on page but if it asked I didn't see a place to put the new CVC that's on back of cards. I tried to add a new card but its same # as old card and will not work. Sometimes it sends me to the EA page and that lets you update CC but will not let you change the CVC. I have no idea what I did wrong or how to fix it. Do I delet CC from the ea page and then try to put old one back in? Do I just have to put in a whole new card that has different name and #? Please help if you can. 


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,401Moderator
    as it happens I recently did this myself.
    First log into your account and select 'subscribe' if you do not have an active subscription or 'update renewal' if you do.
    That takes you to here

    Select any of the 3 billing cycles and click continue. (You will not be charged as you are not confirming the order at any stage) You are then presented with the following screen:

    Next click on 'manage accounts', shown with the red box on the image, top right.
    That takes you to here. Click on 'edit' for the credit card you need to change.
    update your details on the page that takes you to.
  • SoldahouseSoldahouse Posts: 129
    Thanks and I did also send in email and they messaged me back fast. It was a problem with my ex date being wrong on my card with what my bank has on their computers. Think its fixed but uo billing site is down right now. Hope I can remember how to do this in three years when I have to do it again. enjoy and thanks for fast help
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