c\EC crashes when trying to create new hot bars 12*12

zimazima Posts: 55
TRying to get my macroes set up after 6 years absence. I WAS used to the old enhanced client. This new interface is different and a little whacky. 
I was trying to add new hot bars. First, I couldnt move the first one, and every window/slot said "cursed". So I made a second one, 12*12, and client crashed, losing all my macroes.

Second, WTH is up with health/stat/stam? Why are they in 3 different places, and so HUGE!! I just want to be able to grab and keep a neat little health bar for me, pets, party. The ones I currently have are U symbol shaped and are larger than my toon! Not a fan of looking in 3 different places. Not a fan of the size. Hell, they will not even dock in a line. 

If I am missing something, PLEASE let me know. I really don't like this layout.


  • zimazima Posts: 55
    Found scale mode, tried to use it to shrink those godawful stat icons. It crashed the client.Lost al my macroes again
  • zimazima Posts: 55
    ookay, figure out health bar issued were "advanced mode". Toggled off. But the scale mode still crashes client.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,035Moderator
    edited February 2020
    Try, under user settings, options, scroll down to 'interface' then set ui scale there. I believe the most popular setting is 85%
    Also, the initial hotbars were individual, 1 x 12. You might have less problems if you continue to make them this way rather than trying to create 12 at once.
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