Lockpick training without player made boxes

Which EJ folk won't have access to. I made a very short video


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    This is a nice tutorial. It surprised me at first that you weren't talking, but as I continued to watch it became clear you did not need to.  Thank you.  It was also cool that you spot-lighted Jhelom. It used to be my favorite city, and where all my characters would be born.

    One question, though.  Why won't EJ players have access to player made boxes? Is it because they will have no place to store them?
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    most of those sets of boxes are locked down in player houses. EJ accounts can only be friended to houses to use a wall safe.
    P.S. I don't talk when I'm doing things like this because hubby comes wandering in wanting to know who I'm talking to and then laughs at me 
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    Since I made this video I made a further one showing the route through Yew prison to reach Lost lands. The prison cell doors are all locked and though I made the video with a GM lockpicker, I've since returned to the location with my trainee. 
    The prison doors prove to be 'optimal' on the ball of knowledge from 75 lockpick to 85, and easy from 85 to 95.  There are 10 doors on each floor, making 40 in total if you visit the prison on both facets.

    Every training guide I ever read for lockpicking talks of boxes, chests and barrels in town and in dungeons. These doors seem to be an overlooked and very nice resource since they are all the same level.
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    @Petra_Fyde, I'm glad you revisited the Yew prisons and revisited the jail cell locks.  Perhaps @Mariah will update the Wiki Lockpicking page, with your findings added to the Training section.

    On a related subject, how stand-alone is the Locpicking skill?  I know mages use the lvl 3 Telekinesis spell to obviate 200 skill points in Detect Hidden and Remove Trap.  Could a human with just their 20 JOAT skill points of magery (or a non-human wearing +15 Magery jewelry) be effective with 100 Lockpicking skill in opening ordinary dungeon chests?  My necro poisoner was in Felucca Despise earlier today.  So many chests! An alternative build with Lockpicking might be:

    110: Fencing, Necromancy
    100: Tactics, Spirit Speak
    100: Meditate, Resist Spells
    100: Lockpicking

    Could this guy be a happy dungeon 'picker?  What other considerations are there?

    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,182
    he could, but I'm not sure why you would.  Most dungeon chests are only useful for training. As an example, I opened 3 chests on the islands at the bottom of Shame, shows 'easy' at 93 lockpick, so pretty much the hardest you can find, the contents:
    • 324gp
    • 2 rubies
    • composite bow, minor magic item.
    • 311gp
    • bone shards
    • metal kite shield, minor magic item
    • 533gp
    • Bracelet, greater magic item
    • wand, - 25 skill mage weapon, 56 charges greater healing.
    My lockpickers are either treasure hunters, or dedicated thieves - see my videos 'stealing from monsters' and 'stealing in Exodus dungeon' - I also did a bit of stealing sigils in VvV, but don't tell the pvpers, I'm supposed to be a 'trammie' :D
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    The barrels in Jhelom are already mentioned on the page, but I can certainly add the yew prison cell doors
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