Friday Night Hunt - Caroling with the Dark Father!

AnneNomillyAnneNomilly Posts: 77
edited December 2019 in Catskills
While I hope to be able to pick back up the Friday Night Hunt on a regular schedule after the first of the year, there is no way we could miss the annual Christmas Caroling with the Dark Fathers in Doom! Meet up Friday night, December 13th at Yew Gate at 8:00 p.m. Eastern ready to head down and bring some holiday cheer to the residents of Dungeon Doom. I'm sure our singing will soothe the savage beast and they will hand over some Christmas cheer to all (or death robes)! *Grins*

Gold Skulls will be provided. You only need to bring your Holiday Cheer and a Spirit of Fun. I hope to see you all there Friday. :wink:
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