Please Fix vendor search on atlantic

VS on atlantic is extremely painfull to use, searching for 1 item, takes between 1 to 20 tries.
I do not have 30minutes to search for 1 item, i do a lot of trading. Most of the time i just end logging out, coz my life is too short for this BS.
This have been going on for weeks, VS does work "as intended" on other shards.


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,677
    If the name has more than one word, try adding an amount in the price range.
    I usually will put 1000, if I think its a smaller amount
    but if it goes for millions, put in 1000000

    I know its frustrating... took me awhile to find some stuff
  • Sometimes, the "too vague" message seems to mean the opposite. Yesterday, I was searching for the too vague "elegant aquarium," but "aquarium" worked just fine. I had to wade through many irrelevant results, but at least it worked. I find that most of the time, the "too vague" error either means "vendor search is not working" or "your search was too specific."
  • jadavjadav Posts: 25
    The thing is, i don't have to use spaces as first letter, or any other tricks on other shards.
    Sometimes i have to search for 4-5 items, and it takes roughly 20-30min, because of the too vague. I dont really see how "MACE SHIELD" is too vague for mace and shield glasses, or "Greater healing", the list is super long.
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