Questions for Forsaken Foes

I have been testing it out and enjoying it very much but have a few questions I haven't been able to find the answer for or in game.

1. Dried Herbs - Do we have to steal those from the Mage Shops which is Not a guarantee they will be in the chest are they somewhere easier to get ?

2. Lodestone only comes from one area in game that I know of and it is Not a guarantee on the critters you kill to have one. Has anyone found them spawning somewhere else ? It seems it will be quiet the grief-fest with only 1 place to hope they drop when you kill.

3. Vile Tentacles, same as above. They Only Drop on Madding Horror and there is No guarantee that they will drop and Madding horror is not a easy critter to kill down there in the one spot they spawn and I can see it turning into a grief-fest trying to get them where they currently are.

4. Has or does anyone know if you can spawn more then 1 Charybdis on the shard at a time or if the wait will still be 7hrs in between spawns ?

I really hope that these ingredients are made more available then just the 1 spot and creature(s) they spawn currently. Thank you.


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    Vile Tentacles and Lodestones currently have no known use, so I can understand why they were chosen for the recipes. The tentacles are not so bad... but the rats that drop the lodestones also drop a large variety of other items - so getting the lodestones that you actually want is a pain.

    It is just that on my shard (Siege) the plain belt has no mods and thus is not worth using my Siege Bless on. But it will be such a nuisance to craft that I will have to use my bless on it... Unless CBD works. There are no mods on the belt, so maybe it will, like the ninja belt. I won't know until it goes live tho, unless a dev feels like leaking secrets hehe, but I do not expect it to take a CBD.

    I would prefer that the lodestones be required in the crimmy version, but something a bit simpler in the basic version. If they can be CBD'd - then by all means, I vote to make them a challenge to make and thus boost the value of the belt and the CBD. At least on Siege.
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    Re: Herbs - I'm apprehensive to add these to additional areas of the world.  I understand the concern that the limited spawn of them makes them difficult to acquire, however, I think the dried herbs fall into a unique category.  They've been around for a very, very long time.  They also are only attainable by thieves - a profession that is increasingly finding itself with less and less to do.

    So - how does that relate to the cooking items?  Well - for the most part cooking doesn't play a critical role in the game world.  There's a few items that give you bonuses/buffs, but cooking + stats/bonuses/buffs etc is just another way to talk about Alchemy.  Thinking along those lines the very rarity of the ingredients to make the recipes, adds to the value of the resulting food item, which otherwise doesn't have much value.  That's kind of how cooking works in the real world anyway...if you go to a dinner and someone puts out a plate of cheeseburgers you may go - oh, cheeseburgers...I like cheeseburgers, but that's kind of it.  But if you sit down and they have a massive filet mignon, your reaction may be OH WOW!  That's kind of how the ribs are - someone walks into your dining hall and sees an entire buffet of Dino Ribs the same virtual reaction is - OH WOW THEY HAVE DINO RIBS!

    Re: the Lodestone & Vile Tentacles - we chose these ingredients because they have no use otherwise.  I get some people may not have been hoarding them because they didn't have a use, however they have been available since SA launched.  We'll have another balance pass at the drop rates for the SA ingredients to make sure they aren't in too limited supply in the grand scheme of things.

    Re: Charybdis - we are looking at reducing the cooldowns on Charybdis to make it more accessible of an encounter.  Thanks again!
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    @Lord_Bytor - after some digging we found the 7 hours on the shard limitation for spawning Charybdis isn't actually a thing - so long as you have multiple oracles of the sea, you can get as many charybdis locations are as valid.  That location is then good for 24 hours before it is reset.  So any individual Oracle of the Sea is good for 24 hours before you can use it again, but there is no limit to how many Oracles of the Sea you can use.  We are looking at reducing this significantly pending internal review.
  • Can we maybe consider removing those items for the non-magical versions? They are currently a ridiculous grind to get hold of and not really worth the time if you are a crafter making one of those items to reforge/imbue. Especially in the case of reforging... I know I'll go through 3-4 copies of an item before I get what I want. Farming such specific loot drops like that should be reserved for something that is more than just an aesthetic. I am not sure if anyone else agrees with me here, I just don't at all enjoy the monotonous grind.
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    Could you make the dried flowers, dried onions, dead wood and dried herbs have turn in values?  I don't know what to do with them other then selling the herbs.
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