Turn in points and transfers question

If a character transfers to another shard, and has points, do they trransfer with him?

Or stay on the original shard waiting on his return?

Or just poof away and are lost?  Can't find the answer in the Wiki...anyone know?


  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,021Moderator
    edited June 2019

    What Transfers

    Your Name,
    Skills, Stats and Reputation (Murder Counts, Fame & Karma)
    Virtue Points and titles
    Clean up Britannia Points
    Dungeon Points
    Loyalty Points
    Any title you character is entitled to from champ spawns, events, quests or other source.
    Any currently active quest
    Everything your character is holding, wearing or has equipped
    Everything in your backpack
    Everything in your bankbox
    Every pet in your stable
    Every mount or pack animal standing with you that is under the command ‘all follow me’
    The contents of the packs your pack animals

  • Uriah_HeepUriah_Heep Posts: 915

    Was looking all under the points and relateds, never thought to look at transfers...
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,701
    then there is a bug
    I transferred a char and her points were deleted.
    I didn't report it, cause I thought that was intended
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