Splinter Weapons

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I was wondering if Splinter Weapons are useful for PvP as I have been getting a few of them and thought I should ask before turning them in for points. Most of them have a few mods on them.


  • — Yes and no. Most PvP weapons worth anything will have 20% or 30% splint. But the mods also have to be very specific depending on template build and suit build.

    Ask for Carlito in Gen Chat occasionally on GL and see if he’s ever around when you’re online.

    or ask for Eliot.

    Carlito knows more but Eliot knows a bit. They’ll be able to tell you if what you have is worth keeping, selling, or trashing/unraveling.
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  • ArronArron Posts: 485
    @JenniferMarie Sounds good. Thank you. I will have to start collecting them and store them in one place. I only keep the ones with 20% or Higher Splinter.
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    It depends heavily on the wep. U’ll never see someone w/ a splinter bladed staff or nunchucks. PvP mainly uses fast single handed weps (but not always) that have certain special moves. Cleavers, butcher knives, assassin spikes, war forks, kryss, clubs, katanas, hatchets, & some axes are just a few. Weps w/ disarm, nox, AI, double strike, & feint are amongst those desirable. Other specials are desired depending on templates.

    Ones with 20-30 splinter & 50-70 hit spell (lightning or fireball r best) along w/ combinations of (just to name a few) HLD, HCI, DCI, HLA, SSI (if slow), Spell Channel (no penalty r best), high DI, regens, & stat bonuses can be worth hundreds of mils up to several plat.

    They need to be clean, meaning not brittle, not can not be repaired, & not imbued to bring that kinda gold. Even ones that aren’t clean, if they have the right mods, can still sell for tens of mils. Check out Stratics sales forums for a good idea & usually reliable comments on desirable splinter wep & possible pricing ideas.

    Good fortune with you Sir.
  • ArronArron Posts: 485
    @Acid_Rain. Thanks. Very useful information.
  • LynkLynk Posts: 186
    Some bad info, bladed staffs are sweet.
  • Acid_RainAcid_Rain Posts: 273
    Bladed staff = AI & dismount
    Double bladed staff = Double strike & nox
    So yea, I prob shouldn’t of used that one for an example.

    U’ll never see someone w/ a splinter nunchucks or war cleaver. 
    That better ?  ;)

  • LynkLynk Posts: 186
    War cleaver is the fastest wep with disarm as the primary.  Pretty nifty for people on cramped temp with only 30 skill pts for tactics
  • Acid_RainAcid_Rain Posts: 273
    I stand corrected again...
    And admit when wrong ;)
  • hunter11hunter11 Posts: 223
    and nunchaku are sweet i use them double strike for the win!
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