BoD Verbiage Fix PLEASE

KirthagKirthag Posts: 541

"AND" as an operator means, "in addition to"
The gump should read "OR" meaning one versus the other

It is explained accurately in the Wiki:
"The third reward is a number of points which can be used to claim a special reward, or a small percentage of the points can be banked."
(bold added for emplasis)

However, the gump in both EC and CC totally contradicts the Wiki and causes much angst among the new players who pick up crafting... what should they believe? 

This is causing much confusion and has created a rather hostile situation between myself and a new player I am hoping will return to the game after our rather heated argument over the grammatical issues within and without the game's documentation with contradictory statements. This is just one example.

Please fix it during some patch.

Thank you.


  • CovenantXCovenantX Posts: 537
    Kirthag said:

    Please fix it during some patch.
       I feel like a more specified time should be added to that quote.
    anyway, I found that part amusing.
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