Maximum Luck

What is the max luck now a days, and what items are needed to get there?



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    Maximum Luck

    There is frequently much debate and mathematical figuring going on within the community about what the maximum attainable Luck is for a single character. This debate is usually reignited every time a new item is introduced into the game that has a high amount of Luck on it, and results in several different answers, depending on whether or not you include event items, Luck granted by the 10th Anniversary Sculpture, samurai Perfection or crafting bonuses like Runic Re-Forging, Forged Metal Of Artifacts, etc.

    Just counting items that currently spawn in-game or are relatively easy to craft, the current maximum Luck that a single character can achieve is as follows:

    • Total: 2530 Luck

    If you then add in the Luck bonus from the 10th Anniversary Sculpture, which is a base 200 Luck plus 50 Luck for each year of account age, thus resulting in a maximum attainable amount of 1200 Luck (on an 20-year-old account), the total becomes:

    • Total: 2530 + 1200 = 3730 Luck

    If you then add in the maximum Luck bonus obtainable from the Sphynx, the total becomes:

    • Total: 3730 + 80 = 3810 Luck

    Finally, if you possess the Bushido skill, Honor your intended target, and then achieve Perfection, you will be granted a 1000 Luck bonus. Adding this to what we already have, the total becomes:

    • Total: 3810 + 1000 = 4810 Luck

    Logically, however, no matter how high the Maximum Luck number grows over time as new and better items and abilities are introduced into the game, the highest Luck that will ever be useful will be the amount of Luck required to have a 100% chance of more and better loot. By the Luck equation in the last section, we can easily determine this number:


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    I still think luck is broken, I have done 50+ Navreys on my tamer with 2500 and got nothing, where on the other hand I get a tangle or at least night eyes every 20-25 Navreys with my sampire who has under 200 luck. 

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    Thank you very much for the post!
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    Zapp said:

    Thank you very much for the post!

    Bubblegum "Likes this post... :p


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    When I have luck over 2000, I tend to see way more minor-greater artifact loot and less greater magic stuff when hunting.

    Also, I tend to get more artifacts down in Blackthorn.
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