Orc ship remaining scuttled when permanent repairs are completed 100%

My orc ship became scuttled during battle. Did emergency repairs, made it to land and completed permanent repairs. Repaired all my cannons but yet my ship remains in scuttled condition and I can not sail and I am now stuck at the beach!

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  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,017Dev
    We've looked into this issue in the past, but it's a little tricky as it's not 100% reproducible.  If you could provide as much information as to the steps you remember taking to get into this state that would be most helpful!  Thanks!
  • @Kyronix
    This has happened 3 times to my orc ship this evening.
    During battle with the plunderbeacon, my orc ship becomes scuttled.
    Emergency repairs are done immediately, ship is then put into position and battle continues.
    Once plunderbeacon is destroyed, emergency repairs are done again and we head out to find land.

    Once we reach land, permanent repairs were done. Cannons were repaired and ship remained scuttled in condition although at 100 % health.

    Had to sail around at a very slow pace until I found a merchant ship, engaged with them and my orc ship refreshed itself to normal.

    * After destroying Plunderbeacon, There was No Mythical cargo drop.
    Is it random or are you to receive 1 every time?

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