March Event Lineup Lake Austin!

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Back to Saturdays! 

March 23 at 8PM Central: A Birthday Party
Bring your deep sea fishing nets! Bring a treasure map! Bring a funny story! Grab a bow let's have an archery contest! Bring cake! It's a birthday party for YOU KNOW WHO! Oh my Gosh, what all will we do? Well, that's up to you (and how many people show up) 
We will meet in the EM Hall and go from there. EM Topaz will leave a gate at Luna and WBB in case you can't find your way to the  Hall ;) 
Oh I almost forgot! Bring the booze!!! 
8PM Central/9PM Eastern Don't be late because who knows where we will be going first! 

March 30th at 8PM Central: The Edge of Spring
There will be blood. Bring your most trusted weapon.
Meet at the EM Hall. EM Topaz will provide transportation from Luna and WBB.
Game starts at 8PM Central/9PM Eastern
 on March 30th
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