Endless Journey - use of boats without hold (suggestion/request)

I posted this request in the new content for the fishing stuff as well tagged to another post, but...

is anyone opposed to an Endless Journey account accessing a boat as a rider or owner, and not having access to the storage on the boat?

Yes I know they would need High Seas to ride the big boats just like us payers.

I have a couple of EJ'ers in my guild and would like to take them out on the water sometimes for adventures.


  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,033Moderator
    The security settings on ships are:
    • N/A: This setting does not grant or deny privileges aboard the ship
    • DENY ACCESS: revokes all privileges aboard the ship, overriding all other permissions
    • PASSENGER: allows boarding the ship using the mooring lines or by recall/gate travel
    • CREW: allows operation of the ship’s weapons and piloting the ship
    • OFFICER: allows access to the cargo hold, and installation or dismantling of weaponry.
    • CAPTAIN: grants all privileges, including dry docking and changing security settings.
    So you are asking that EJ accounts be able to be granted 'passenger' access.

  • GidgeGidge Posts: 426
    Let me explain it another way... sorry if I didn't explain it right.

    I am suggesting that they be able to own a big or little boat or ride on a big or little boat, do everything a person owning or riding a big or little boat can do and JUST not have access to the hull.

    Again, of course as long as they have High Seas for the big boats.

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