War blocking feature not working correctly.

GidgeGidge Posts: 422
With all 3 options checked, I can still attack the blocked things with my pet. including guildmate pets.


  • GidgeGidge Posts: 422
    Okay so apparently the system was not coded to consider spell casting or saying all kill as an act of war.

    So with all 3 checked, I can still(unintentionally) attack by casting a spell or commanding pet to kill.

    If the war blocking was just for warriors, can you make more check marks for the rest of us or have it cover those as well?

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    We tried 2 conditions with all 3 checked.  We are not in a guild. Not in VvV.

    We were in a party and not in a party. results same.  Done in Fel. Both players blue when starting test.

    1. Casting a spell brings up the box that asks if you want to commit a criminal act.  If you say yes, your spell does damage. Attacker turns grey.

    2. Attacking with a pet brings up nothing. Pet attacks and does damage.  Both of us turned grey only one attacked.

    3. Going in war mode and double clicking the player gives you the message in the bottom left corner saying you may not damage this player.  No damage is done no one turns grey. No criminal act gump appears. You can not attack the player.

    We feel that all three of these should result like #3.
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    Couple of things, firstly theres already a thread on this topic

    Block war is not supposed to block spells or targeted attacks, it’s only supposed to prevent you accidentally attacking when you’re on a double clicking spree. Maybe there’s an argument for it to also block targeted attacks but generally a targeted attack is considered more of an intentional attack. I'll assume that's why it's not blocked. 

    Pawain said:

    2. Attacking with a pet brings up nothing. Pet attacks and does damage.  Both of us turned grey only one attacked.

    Confirmed, this is quite a serious bug. (When Pawain says "Both of us turned Grey" by both he means the pet and the attacker)
    Expected Result under current workings: for a gump to appear to confirm this action will flag you criminal. If you have 'Query before performing criminal actions' checked.
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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  • GidgeGidge Posts: 422
    I agree, just because they (the warriors) forget to tab out when looting or double click without pulling a bar (which is not how I play as I normally pull bars but was being lazy because I thought the system would now catch that for me) did I learn that it doesn't do that for me as a tamer or spell caster. :D

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