Please remove nameless Crabs and Lobster from Crab/Lobster fishing

The monger quests are already a time consuming thing and the higher rewards hard to get (120 Fishing, Charybdis Bait, Oracle of the sea). I am fine with the fishing and sailing around, but the crab fishing is pretty annyoing. When you need a certain crab or lobster type you are out of and do the crab fishing, about 50% are just useless because they are nameless.
With the upcoming revamp of Charybdis and High Seas content, I would like these to be removed. Noone wants them.


  • Or add the ability to use them as bait for an increased chance at the more rare crabs and lobsters...
  • ParnocParnoc Posts: 236
    I agree totally, almost every fishing complaint I hear is that the named crab/lobsters are over the top in possibility to get (impossibility to get enough?) and when half of them are just the normal ones and do not even work on the orders then it's really not much fun to entice a new player or even a vet to try fishing orders.  If I may, I would suggest you put your post on the new High Seas revamp so that @Kyronix will definitely see it. 

    If they will not fix this then I would suggest that the crab/lobsters go in their own orders with extra special higher rewards so that people can decide whether or not they want to accept the order.

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