DragonStone Sea Trades Setting up / Are Those Pirates

As any woman knows the first glimpse at the man of her dreams could sweep her mind away, perhaps into the gutter, yet still leave her thinking endlessly about that first encounter. Long has vanished the desires of my first love, and I even know he has been about lately, I had held his memory tight for much to long. Lately the giddy looks I see from Dagda and Roberto make me smile, its good they fave found one another and the hardened heart I felt I had, seemed to skip a beat recently in Luna, why is it I always have been drawn to the bad boys, I saw him a new comer here and he was oh so handsome. Eager to talk to somebody about this I run to my friends only to hear one say " looks like someone has a line in the water". Since I have found myself staring out across the ocean wondering, "just whose line is in the water, and what might be pulled in" Winter is upon us and its time for a hot drink and a warm blanket cuddled in my char by the window over looking the ocean lost in thought and dreaming of what could be....and what fish to even fish for.

Shaking off the day dreaming, life does go on. Remodeling had been contracted and DragonStone Hall was almost complete with the remodel, clean up would be a chore and dreaded but enough to keep my mind on track. A quick step upon the teleporter and I arrived within DragonStone Hall, everything had been packed up for the remodel and now to sort through boxes Oh yuk. * heavy sigh* so it begins the clean up, but perhaps a quick drink at the Tavern down the road and maybe Dagda and Roberto are there they will keep my mind from day dreaming (maybe)

Here I go again day dreaming about Boats and fishing, maybe that handsome stranger who had lost his boats near Skara Last year was inspiring these thoughts or maybe that charming bad boy in Luna , but whatever the case I find myself at the docks in Cove boarding a ship. I tryed to be cheerful at the tavern and i tryed to pay attention I am sure i seemed offish to everyone but I could hear the waves beating the shore right outside the tavern and that remark of "somebody's got a line in the water" the other day, has had me thinking many things and I am really not sure its actually fishing.

Aboard the ship I have gotten no special privileges, my stay was not in the captains quarters it was among the smell of the sheep below deck wedged between a couple of crates of empty crates, from what I can figure out we are headed to Minoc to transport Ore from the Northern Mountains to Magincia for the open market. I will bid my time till we dock and there I will make my exist. In the mean time life among the sailors is quite interesting I am learning alot more then I had running the trading company, here I am on the inside looking out so to speak or would that be on the outside looking in? Either way the sailors are quite charming , at least the ones who do not reek of fish. Most of our meals consist of what is caught fishing while on our to destination to get Iron Ore. Even the fishermen are interesting to listen to, each with a tall tale of some giant fish , that nobody has ever seen. Leaning on the railing of the ship I watch the horizon and the Marlin jumping out of the water, they are just beautiful. The dolphins swim close to the boat to either watch me to chatter to me. I think I could grow to like time at sea. 

Today the skys had looked dark all day and the temperature had dropped severely, I fear either it will snow or we are heading into a storm. The handsome Captain motions for me to go below as the waves begin to rock the boat, all the days I have been aboard I have not suffered from sea sickness but the tossing of the ship on the stormy waves has me somewhat nauseous. As the captain climbs down below deck where I had made myself at home he speaks gently " Miss I know you are not used to the storms at sea and I will be very busy on deck getting us through this storm, so if you would like to rest in my quarters feel free to make yourself at home we should be in Minoc by daylight." Nodding unable to hardly speak with my stomach turning, I take him up on his generous offer, After what had been building from my stomach spews out of my mouth and all over his boots. Almost in tears I look up at him ready to be yelled at. Staring at the man smiling at the puke on his boots, "its alright once the rain begind nobody will ever know it was there"

Making my way into the Captains quarters I slide up onto the pillowy bed and within minutes I fall asleep. 

Blinking my eyes and noticing the daylight that was streaming through the pains of glass in the room, I knew morning had arrived and we must be in Minoc. As I stepped up into the deck I could see mountains and a small dock and buildings but this wasn't familar. Not sure where we are but I am certain this was not Minoc......

Finding myself walking around the small docks I scan the view trying to figure out where we are. Seems to be a small bay and nearby mountains, as turn back around the hole in the side of the ship leaves us stuck here until repairs can be done. Yes I could just use magic and recall home but I have grown fond of these guys and what an adventure this has been, So while I wait I guess I will take a walk walking away I can hear the man at the docks, Reggie, speaking yo the captain a some sort of a great deal, just need a few minutes to myself, as I walk closer to the mountain I can see a large building and the smell of food, what wonderful smell, drawing me closer and closer as I approach the steps of the building I look up at the sign hanging by the doors reading it “ Sleeping Dragon Inn” and they must serve food

Sitting along the shore many days awaiting the patch up job of the ship , alot of hushed conversations and seeming as if many secret meetings with the Captain and this Reggie guy at North harbor, I tried to just keep my nose out of the business going on between the two and all the handsome sailors had kept my attentions else where. So when I found myself alone i would sit along the shore watching the Marlin jumping from the frigid waters of winter as if to get some warmth of the sunshine. Today the horizon showed a ship approaching one that flew the flag of pirates, so I would keep to myself today and just observe the situation. As the ship docked it was if a load of clowns piling off the deck onto the docks Whooping and Hollering then all of a sudden the sound of cannons from the ship and a huge hole in the side of the building near the docks, boy are pirates rowdy or what, and extremely destructive. Perhaps today I should try to keep to myself and read in my room at the Inn and hopefully they do not make their way to the tavern downstairs.

I have had just about enough of the shenanigan' s of these sailors. The tavern in the Inn is over ran with rowdy sailors all night wooting and hollaring below my room its time to use my magic and recall out of this place. I will make arrangements for lumber and supplies brought to fix the ship and perhaps start some mining trades with the locals near the harbor.

Arriving at DragonStone I send for the supplies to take to the small harbor and with this thought I know I will need a crew to sail with me to deliver it, gazing out the window over looking the desk at DragonStone, quill in hand, I try to find the words to attract the help needed to get these supplies to the North Harbor. Notices need sent out and posted around the Kingdom. Looking at the blank parchment my next thought was, what do i tell these people on why we are going to take supplies to fix a ship of someone we do not know, pondering the thought. Do I just say I have grown fond of the crew of the ship? Then again the simple plan of gaining a trade relationship with the miners at North Harbor is plenty enough reason to send help for the ship and crew I want to hire to deliver the ore to my reopening trading business. So I begin writing ....

Notice: In need of help to sail supplies to North Harbor a small Dock near the northern mountains of Minoc. Brave individuals needed to protect the supplies and ship delivering them. Anyone with sailing experience preferred and anyone able to battle sea creatures and possibly pirates also needed.

(( OCC: ALSO Soon to come ))

(( DragonStone is planning a sea adventure to deliver some goods to a new Harbor I have stumbled into and to a crew I wish to hire to deliver goods for my Establishing New Trading Company any leads on location for a good place to set up shop please contact me. The Delivery of Goods is within next few weeks and will start in Minoc, we will travel aboard a large ship so make sure you have High Seas, and we need to protect the supplies and ship from sea creatures and Pirates and hopefully the seas are calm of PIRATES))


  • ((The last two Sunday Mornings we have had high seas adventures and have hunted pirates, anyone wishing to attend we meet Sunday Mornings at 8:30 am central time at Zento Docks, everyone is invited and the adventures could be different each Sunday we call it "Coffee with Dragons" we do have pirates hunts randomly during the week so contact a DS or DB member to find out more info))
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