Record Arm not saving for 2 handed weapons

cobbcobb Posts: 172
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Been playing around with the new arm macro options which are very nice. But for some reason, the Record Arm macro is not saving for 2 handed weapons.  It happens after I exit out of uo completely and restart. I hit the Arm macro button for my 2 handed weapon but nothing happens. I have to to reset the Arm macro for my 2 handed weapon after restarting for it to work again.

I haven't had any problems with 1 handed weapons. They seem to save properly.


  • cobbcobb Posts: 172
    The Record Arm macro does not save correctly with shields as well.  

    I think the settings do not save if the item is considered to be left handed. I tried it with the War Hammer. While it is 2 handed, the settings saved correctly. But I believe the War Hammer is considered to be a right handed weapon.  It can be disarmed using the "disarm right hand" function in UOA unlike the other 2 handed weapons that I tried.
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