2018 Artisan festival too difficult


It is Artisan festival, but it seems to be the same as last year, or somewhat difficult.

Experimental results at TC1 this year (11/17/2018 JST)
1st stage: 1000 bank points
2nd stage: 3000 bank points
3rd stage: 4000 bank points
4th stage: 4750 bank points
5th stage 12750 bank points

Total: 25500 bank points.

Experimental Results of Last Year:
1st stage: 1000 bank points
2nd stage: 2500 bank points
3rd stage: 4000 bank points
4th stage: 5000 bank points
5th stage: 12500 bank points

Total: 24500 bank points.

Last year's event remembers that only a few shards, including around half of the Japanese shards, could not achieve the 5th stage.
Based on the results, is it considered to lower the difficulty level?



  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    YES Good idea.
  • P.S.

    Last year's "Artisan Festival", a tremendous number of "parasitic" characters (characters other than shards in Japan) to Izumo Shard's tree entered a small bulk in "After tree completion" for compensation An example coming to frequent occurrence.

    Last year, with almost all the shards in Japan I was aiming to "grow the tree to the maximum stage".

    In order not to generate this unbalanced "parasitic" state, I would like to propose the following.

    1. Make the reward "Shard bound".
    2. Decrease difficulty level so that trees can be grown with each shard.

    Furthermore, as a result of last year, I remember that there were about 6 to 7 shards "I raised the tree to the maximum stage in all cities".
  • 1. sounds good to me. Its a huge job for thoose who do an effort all the way. In fact..so huge im not taking part at all this year. And im both stubborn and retired so I guess im not alone. 
    2. I think this is a must on all shards but Atlantic. If we are going to see any trees with top star this year.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,692
    No don't make them shard bound.
    I turn in BODs on other shards, so I can get different names on the giftboxes.
    Names I can't do on my home shard.

    And the thing is it takes lot of the gifts in order to actually get a full set.
    All the rewards are possible, so it makes the newer ones more rare...
    (several of the rewards from last year, I only have two or four)

    I don't just collect them for me.
    I collect them for my guild members who don't have the time to play that much.
    I collect them for returning players, who didn't have a chance to get to do them.
    I collect them for the Amazing friend who does transfers for me, even though she is still recovering from the flooding in Hawaii... 

    I have had friends tell me, i'm missing this piece, missing that one. 
    I tell them to come to me and I give them what they are missing...

    I will say that when these first came out, I did lot more of the shards than I did last year.
    I wanted one box for each of my chars names.
    But last year I only did one other shard...
    And this shard, every time I went to go turn in BODs, the star was always on top of the tree.
    If I knew who was turning in so many BODs, to get it pop so quickly, then I would help them any way I could.

  • CRoadCRoad Posts: 1
    edited November 2018
    Hey everyone.
    As far as I know, Mia is right.

    This bank point cause the same problem as new castle price*.
    It is just too much worked on this 2year. lol

    In fact, I think that Dev's inactive about shard bounds.
    And. Mia said "parasitic" is  fact that stands out in Izumo and other japanese shards.
    I don't mean to say anything bad about other shards.
    They would only want to get the goods comfortably.

    Dev's. Could please think on issue?


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    We welcome everyone from any shard to come and drop a BoD on our trees to get a gift. The more the merrier!

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