Mandatory X-Post - Finding More Orcs

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*Hits control C, Hits control V*

*busts out translation book*

Ug de... err

Good Morning citizens of Siege Perilous, young and old. We are in need of your assistance. As many of you have seen over the past month or two, we have been gaining orcs at an exponential rate, the likes of which has not been on Siege in many moons. That said, we are not done growing, and will not stop growing until we reach maximum capacity, or the Orcs get tired of ruglug... err... puny little Gruntees running around the fort blabbering incoherently as they attempt to learn the blah of the Orcish players.

During this phase of our formation, which we are still calling our growth phase, we are fully expecting to be gaining and losing players quite often. It is a very niche sub-category of players in a very niche game from the 90's after all, these things are to be expected. That's where we need your help recruiting and gaining those new players who will become our core and stick around for a very long time her on Siege to cause all kinds of terror and demand tribuut from even the players in NEW, (Who we will not Clomp unless they truly deserve it @Shalimar/Cleo)

The current active Orcs are doing amazing things, and accomplishing a lot. The newer players, even the ones still on Endless Journey and those who have never even played an Orc before, have been out training every day and preparing to take their Grunt Tests so they can be burned by the Blood God and earn the title of Nightmare Clan Grunt. If you would like to join us, feel free to DM me here on Stratics or join our Discord server., and we would most likely love to have you within our ranks even if you have absolutely zero experience playing as an Orc. We can teach you, that's why we have the Gruntee process in the first place. If you know any former Orcs on a personal level, please reach out to them and show them the things that we have been doing so that they can see that there truly is a revival happening, on a scale that hasn't ever happened since the Shadowclan moved on in the early 2000's.

I have seen dozens of posts since we started this stating that "I hope you guys can do it, I would love to see the Orcs make a come-back on Siege." Here we are. I have also seen many posts even on the darkmoot saying that Orcs of old would be willing to make a comeback if something was already established and started. Unfortunately those forums are in a state of decay, new account registration is closed, account recovery is non-existent, and the Discord Server and Facebook page for the Shadowclan is highly inactive. I have tried those avenues, believe me. We need your help getting the message out, far and wide to other shards, and to those old players.

We are here. We are recruiting new Orcs. We want to clomp dem dum'hed pushdug 'Oomies.

On a side note, I would like to throw out a huge thanks to @Shalimar/Cleo and @Magical from NEW for their outstanding work helping us find new Orcs through their new player process. @Sparviero (Magichands I hope) and all of UWSP for their support as we continue to grow and maintain our firm but thing peace treaty. And also @Max Blackoak@Bo Bo, and the rest of VICE for their patience and advice while we continue to grow ourselves into a competitive force that can terrorize the shard. Also to the many of you who we have seen in game, and even those we haven't but who have left us tribuut anonymously.

Help us out! We love ya Siege!

(All spelling and grammatical errors are the result of poor translations from the translation book. We tried our besd.)
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