Decor so far in new castle

Been decorating one of the new castles progress so far......


  • VioletViolet Posts: 372
    Your decorating looks nice.  However, if people need to goza mat a whole castle, then the original design is a failure.  And the tile in that castle does need goza mats/granite/carpet throughout.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,693
    I like what you are doing so far. I haven't finished mine yet. All this content just starting has sidelined that for now... but I have gone the route of the gozas too. but mine was done on the original castle, so I had lot of the gozas already. The only thing is... this castle has more floor space, so I have to make more gozas so will take a lil bit longer than I thought it would.

    And Violet, honestly if I had picked Dots design, I would have had to goza that floor too. The North Pole demands white & red candycane floors
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    if it is not a customisation house with floor tiles the colour i want or wooden floors (which i think the devs should implement into the game wooden floor tiles and blue water  floor tiles) @mesanna @kyronix ) then im afraid it has to be gozas as i like colour .. it was too much white for the eyes, dots one i didnt like the fountains in it ,and again would have been gozas as too much pink even thou i adore pink, the others i simply didnt like
    its taking a lot longer to decor than the old standard castles i normally have them done in 1 day this how ever has taken days lol
  • 2nd floor almost done x
  • the sea and beach is in and some of the wedding aisle now to complete the rest of the garden
  • finally  finished just little bits here and there like vines to be added etc
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,693
    is your third floor done?
  • is your third floor done?
    thats my flower bed room plants boring room lol x
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