Issue With Classic-Style Keeps in Publish 101 - You Can "Teleport" Through Them

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There is an issue with Publish 101 and Classic-Style keeps. If you are outside of a private classic-style keep that you do not have access to, and attempt to walk into the wall in any "gap" area (where the walls are inset), you are immediately "removed' from the house and teleported under the house sign. I believe this issue is caused because the "base plot" for keeps was changed for the design contest. 

Thanks to @Violet for first noticing this issue and working with me to figure out what was going on and reproducing it.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Place a classic-style Keep, set it as private
  2. Get another account that does not have access to this Keep (or skip step 1 and find a private keep somewhere that you do not have access to)
  3. Run into the outside of the Keep in any "gap" area where the walls are inset.
  4. Observe yourself being teleported to the house sign as you are "evicted" from the house
  5. See video below for a demonstration

Expected Result
May seem like a no brainer, but expected result would be for you not to teleport when approaching inset areas of a Keep.

This is an issue with the current Publish 101, as it was just reproduced on Origin tonight (9/18/2018 @ ~11:30pm PDT).

This seems to only affect Keeps, as Classic Castles have a "Squared" base with no inset walls
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