Lost all UI setting, macros, layout and everything!!! Enhanced Client

What the hell is wrong with EC??? Months of settings and keybinds all gone all of a sudden.
How do I prevent this from happening again? I'm furious!!!


  • RockRock Posts: 567
    This happened to me once, but it was temporary.  Hopefully it will be the same for you.

    The cause was logging out while my character had the Incognito spell in effect.  This changes your character's name.  Character details are stored on your computer in folders by character name and shard.  So when you logged back in, there was no folder with that Incognito'd character's name, and a new folder was created with the EC's defaults.

    Once Incognito times out and you log back in, you'll have your old settings back. At least, that is what happened to me.

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    You had a backup right? I backup my profiles every month or so just in case of problems. I backup the whole EA Games folder in my documents as it backs up both EC and CC. 
  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    Same happened to me and yes it was the incognito spell that messed things up. I've had a lot less problems with settings generally since I stopped using the CC.
  • BiffBiff Posts: 32
    Ahhh it was after a name change token then.... thanks @Rock, @DJAd, and @jaytin
  • go to the default folder for your user data which should be documents/eagames/ultima online stygian abyss/userdata/account name  then pick the shard.  the files in there should be named after your characters and if you used the incognito spell and logged out with it active, it will have created a file with all those characters settings under the incognito name. just rename it the actual character name and all should be back to normal. Thief disguise kit does the same thing. 
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  • BiffBiff Posts: 32
    ahh thank you so much, however, i spent 2 hours fixing my interface and settings after writing this post, that now it's better than before <span>:dizzy:</span>
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