Scrolls to write in/on.

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Before I suggest to the UO gods for the ability to craft a scroll that can be written in by anyone, I figured I would come to the people I feel would would receive the most enjoyment out of it. One blank scroll and a scribe could use maybe wax and one cloth and it would generate a scroll with a variety of tie colors? Green, Blue, Red? I was deep in though and remembering how we use to write "cigar box" in the title of a book and then moved to the mailboxes and realized other than books, we have no real form of writing a note to each other. There are plenty of graphics for them. Make them turntable too. or create lefties and righties.


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    Interesting idea  Would kind of be like an official writ type of thing.
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    This is a pretty great idea. The more stuff to write in, the better.
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    Would be nice to have a scroll (short, direct, to the point) than books (with so many wasted pages).

    I'd use scrolls and red-leaf them - definitely.
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    when you double click it...
    opens up to be an antique looking page
    somewhat like a mib

    make it like the star charts...
    hit the red button to seal it...

    how about name it one of the following...
    scroll of wisdom
    thank you note


  • GidgeGidge Posts: 426
    A title line (which could remain blank if desired)
    A body with maybe the same amount of text as our Character profile?
    I would stick with the red leaves for sealing though.
    Yeah, one could look like a star chart, I would want it to be rolled up though. maybe It could be double clicked to open and close when locked down? So it could be role-played with?

    (double clicks the locked down scroll)
    *opens the scorched scroll removed from the dead courier's hand*
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    It could be crafted, so..

    Ingredients for a normal scroll, (wood pulp plus a red leaf)
    The writable scroll would be a single-use item - so writing upon it once would seal it.
    --- You write upon the gump, then upon closing it seals the writing
    Graphics would be a random scroll (from existing artwork),
    --- Unwritten scroll is a closed scroll
    --- Written scroll is an opened scroll 
    When clicked it opens the gump for writing/reading. (so similar code to books)

    Unwritten scrolls should be stackable
    Written scrolls would not be stackable

    Basically, a single-use "book" with scroll graphics.

    I'd suggest the gump as with the MIB (like Cinderella said), not too big and fits enough text that would garner a scrolled message (rather than a 40 page book not used and most likely trashed).

    ETA: And don't make it hued - enough with the hues, please. Or at least make it realistic and not neon. Or create a new artwork for it (the artist is right on the money with new art lately)
    Or make it dyable with the Runebook dye tub - that would add some flair to the RP ability.

    A perfect avenue for sending RP'd messages.


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    I like it!
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