Can we turn the Green Thorn timer turned off?

 It made sense back in what pub 18 or which ever, when Vorpal Bunnies were dropping some of the best loot in the game and multi clienting was more difficult.   Now it does not make so much sense and the timer in every aspect defeated by simply opening as many clients as needed to defeat the timer.  And lets face it aside from low level pet training and character training there is not anything that valuable to be gained.  But it would be nice to not have to open 3 clients to keep a bunny up for pet training.  ANd yes some of us still use Green Thorns :)


  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 950
    I do! It's how I trained Bruce on SP for the bull fighting event! lol those bunnies are good training! And yes I agree that timer is rather annoying...if you can't remove it then maybe shorten it a bit!

  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 396
    LOL I still have my bull from that.  I am in the bunny field on Cats now training a lesser hiryu up to 2 slot since I can't make fuse cords yet and am destitute on that shard.  And somone left 477 thorns just laying in the cotton field.

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