Classic vs Enhanced

Was under the impression you could play the same character using either client. If I wanted to try CC using my usual character I play using EC I could.  Or, if I just liked to switch once in a while I could?  Am I wrong about that?  Understand EC and CC macros would probably not work if I switched from one to another.  But, basic fighting I can do with or without macros.  Have never switched back and forth but thought about a few times and thought there would be no real penalty other than changing my play style some.


  • deaditedeadite Posts: 1
    You can switch between Classic and Enhanced clients all you want and access all of the same characters. You will need to "set up" each client individually with macros and such.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,330
    Thanks.  Thought that was the case but wanted to make sure before I tried it.
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