Tomahawk Steak Recipe

CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,709
edited December 2023 in Bugs
I tried to add the Tomahawk Steak Recipe to a recipe book and it gave the message that it isn't a recipe. Can you please add it to the list of recipes, so we can add it to our book?
(i couldn't add it to the book with either client)

i usually don't get an overstock of the huntmaster recipes but i got exactly what i needed for my two main cooks. But i sent one of their skill to another shard and haven't trained it up again. so i decided I would add it to the book and its not on the recipe list.

I'm also wondering if that when you fix this issue
that if you could add a filter for the High Seas expansion
(they do show as part of the expansion in the book, but there is no option to choose only that recipe list... this would make it quicker to find)

i know that non-crafters wouldn't find this useful, but anything to
making stuff faster for crafters is a QOL improvement that we would love
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