Basic Luck Suit.

Killed Bunnies all day with this character.  Starting with ZERO luck.  I did buy a EJ Cheater Kit to get the blackthorn robe the easy way.  LOL I dropped my 60 magery by accident when I put imbue on. Nothing reforged gloves and head are imbued to 100 Luck (Mining gloves +5 and Enhanced to 140)  Figure the gloves was not much of derail since 100 Luck gloves are a real common drop.  See people complaining about Pay to Win so did not use a forged metal of artifacts for enhancing and I BROKE A LOT of 110-150 Luck Loot :) 

 Here is where I ended up when I called it a day.  Eggs were SLOWWWWWWW but finally got enough to get Yukios and a Quiver. Shield is a 150 SC Antique that tells me it is already enhanced with a special material when I try to enhance/break it.  I broke every 100+ Luck Weapon drop so dagger is SC 100Luck.   I am working on a luck tally and clean up jewel set and am up to 211k Clean up points from trashing bunny loot and old regular colored eggs ( Placed the 8x8 house spot south of the south bunny field and put a trash barrel in it for easy trashing) Add in the Jewel set that will improve the current jewel luck by 200,  Killed goblins for some lucky coins to toss and will eventually get soles and another 80 Luck on the feet, lucky clean up tally another 150 and need to make 100 leather caps and enhance them to 140 for another 40 luck  guess I will do the same for weapon for another 40. I broke A LOT of arms so still wearing unehanced 100Luck on them will craft some leather ones and imbue and enhance for another 40 on them. Doing all of the above will add 550 more luck for 2330 Suit put together from bunny junk, clean up points and tossing the lucky coin.

Without the Blackthorns robe and no reforging or using forged metal of artifacts.

 Just enhancing and breaking bunny loot. I did end up with 190 Legs, chest and neck.  Jewels are 45 LRC, 200 Luck and +20 Mage, with the 60 mage not that I need it.  I do have 50 fencing and 50 Tactics now + a 1 Slot fire beetle which is more than enough to kill bunnies :)   Raised my dex and dropped my mana to swing faster.

  At 1400 Luck there was a very notable increase in the egg drops LOL started getting 12-14 per hour VS the 2-3 per hour below 1400.  At 1780 Luck + 1000 statue I was 21 for that hour.  Was also using 2 of my max luck toons and partied so that made for better Bunny Loot. Lesson here is if you have crappy luck and a single acct. find 2 people with high luck to party with and be a sport and let them have the corpse eggs when they drop.  Would have been far fewer if any 150 Luck Items drop if not for being partied with the 2 high luck toons.  I also scrounged other folks bunny corpses and picked up a lot of luck stuff from theirs. It seems a lot of folks either don't know or don't care that a egg can be on the corpse and they don't even bother to open the corpse :(  

  To wet after all of the rain the last week for me to do anything other than feed the livestock and complain about the mud :)  So I spent like 15 hours getting from the 140 luck on the Mining Gloves and 100 on the Mask and 140 from the robe so started out with 380 Luck. and casting blade spirits to support the fire beetle.  Actually killed a lot faster after I dropped the mage and Spent some New Haven time getting fencing and tactics to 50/50.

 Still not seeing a need to bag ball them, the beetle chased them down just fine on the few occasions I was slow to target them. I solo killed them for a few hours after getting fencing and tactics and never lost on due to burrowing or running away of course I was in the South Fenced in field........... Did move to the Yew Wheat field when the glow field got really crowded and the L33Ts started killing my bunnies so fast I couldn't get looting rights.  Didn't lose any bunnies there either, just had the beetle guard me and he got them corned and the bunnies stayed gray to me.

 Anyway I hope this helps the folks that are struggling to put together a luck suit or don't know they need luck to eggs and wander in here trying to figure out why they are not getting egg drops. NO LUCK/LOW LUCK = NO EGGS :) Can cure that problem in a day with loot and a Imbuer Mule and can easily kill them with the imbuer mule and his/her fire beetle as well.   The suit can be total crap so long as it has Luck.  It is impossible for a bunny to kill you contrary to what some claim. And if you do get killed by a bunny, you just need to uninstall UO and consider growing luxurious and sexy beard.


  • RockoRocko Posts: 174

    Blackthorn's robe?  Is this a noob quest item?
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
    Rocko said:

    Blackthorn's robe?  Is this a noob quest item?

     You get it from Blackthorns Dungeon turn in point or using a EJ Starter Pack Dungeon rewards token.  When I get one I usually end up buying 2 and getting the Obi or on eof the belts that about the same as a Tangle.  And two skill gain token you can max every skill and then do a lot of it again, its like a 168 hour  (Real life hours NOT in game hours)  Alcarity except you can party friends and they a enhanced but bit lower skill gain as well.  The Journeyman Armor set is nice and Blessed get human if elf/human opens the token  garg if garg opens it.  A storage vault token pretty much useless for me, 100 Dungeon Reward point token and a 500k Community Collection Point token.  The skill gain token is worth the 20 bucks the kit cost (2000 SOVs)  I hate the pay to win aspect of the game but if its there and official I am going to use it.

  • gaygay Posts: 358
    Hey, Journeyman's suit is the best suit in game.
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
    gay said:
    Hey, Journeyman's suit is the best suit in game.

      Better than any of the other armor sets and blessed to boot.  Throw in the Robe and a MR or Dex Obi and you are pretty well set.  And the EJ Cheater kits work just fine on no EJ accts.  Making it the biggest bang for the buck in the UO store.
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
     I give up on trying to get 150 luck glove and a hat as bunny loot drops and enhance them without breaking them.  I broke 4 hats and 7 gloves yesterday morning.  I am just going to reforge a hat and gloves.  I did get a couple arms and managed to enhance one to 190 Luck that and getting to 300k clean up points and snagging the Jewel set put me at 2090 Luck.  So on and off yesterday I filled bods and collected a few horned kits.......... I should be able to make a decent pair of gloves and a hat with them LOL.

     LOL I have the BODS to get about twice as many Bronze Hammers to pound out some 150 luck weapons and shields.  I have great luck getting 150 leather pieces and terrible luck getting 150 metal pieces and I just am not getting 150 weapon and shield drops that are not antique, guess you can't enhance antique everytime I try I get the "The items is already enhanced with a special material."  I guess it is the antique property preventing it, I had never tried enhancing anything antique until the other day. The brittle shields enhanced just fine other than breaking 30 hundred luck shields to get three 140 luck shields.  I broke a high intensity pair of mage gloves that just about made me cry LOL I should have broke my rules for this characters luck building or put them in the chest to use the forged tool on later.  SO I am breaking my rules and reforging a hat and gloves and enhancing them and imbuing them!  Have the bods to get a 100 or so bronze hammers without much bribing, don't have the Ag to fill them though......... so going to have to spend a while mining merch ships to get the metal...... since actually mining is still a  recall scripter only activity, not that even the scripters are doing much mining now days.

      The two arms I managed to not break yesterday....... I really figured  both of these would break. Forced a lot of phys into the Legenday one and the Lesser with those stat properties + 150 luck should have broke. I wore the Legendary ones for a round of 20 thorns bunny bashing..... LOL if you have not noticed Bunnies are real hard on Melee Gear and weapons.

      SO horned kits and bronze hammers are not hard to get.  I don't know how other people do it, but the first thing I do on a new acct is build a mule crafter imbue character to support the other 6 characters and start collecting bods.  Since I play primarily dead shards you have to be very DIYish.  LOL all of my characters have 30 smith and tailor just to collect low level bods for the mule toon.  As those characters develop the smith and tailor on them drops to zero but the low level bod are important to turn in to intantly get new and hopefully better bods with the mule. 
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