NM RBG Regiment needs you!

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Message from Pitr, the NM Governor, spread ,by some minstrels, across the realm...

"Dear friends, we've just created the New Magincia RBG Regiment.

It seems we're facing the original members of the FoA (Followers of Armageddon) and some new foes!

All help is welcomed/needed!"

"The RBG regiment stationed in New Magincia will be responsible for defending the town of Magincia and protecting its citizens against threats leveled against the town. For example, helping to repel an invasion from sinister and malevolent forces, or helping to gather specific information upon request from the Commander of the Royal Guard as it relates to a potential larger, overall threat, to the Crown and to Britannia. This local RBG regiment will likely also assist the town guards (currently NPCs) in maintaining order and enforcing town laws and edicts, helping the town guard solve crimes, etc."

Whether you are joining as a warrior, paladin, detective, scout, tamer, crafter or a mage, full time or as a part time reservist, joining the NM RBG Regiment starts with an online application... (a private message).


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    "Britannia Year 294"
    "The leaders of the Followers of Armageddon, Martoo Saul, Junin Pince, Zendella Kxriss, and Miron Vehl, bargained with wisps to learn the Armageddon spell and worked in secret to collect enough blackrock to cast it. Their conspiracy of terror resulted in the death of many innocents, but eventually the group's leaders were captured and executed. "

    ... We've found the bones of the first two on those chairs (plus Anumi Mazetti's bones).

    ... and now to learn more about:
    - Zendella Kxriss, and Miron Vehl.
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    From our detectives and sages:
    Anumi Mazetti and Muspelheim the Demon = Fire
    The Mad Piper and his antics = Earth
    Our current arc with the mysterious traders and flooding (villain?) = Water
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