Awaiting Rescue

The smell here is making me sick, months I have been held here and still I haven't been found. That lil dribble of a Gobin servant of mine got me into this mess, if I get out of here I'll send her to the Witches of the Swamps. Maybe they can find a use for her. Before I was knocked out all I remember was all those dopelgangers look alikes of me and gold getting passed to their hands the night of election. Pure Hatred was all I could feel in Britain that Night. The sense of corrupt nobility, filled the air and more people in Britain that night then I had seen in my term in office there and they all looked like me or would introduce themselves as me. Who hated me that much to do this to me....evil Demons, thats who, as that thought ran through my mind. But I know the Crazy man will come for me....I am certain of it
~Jaden Rain

Jaden Rain
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