Idea for recycling of older event drops

While I hope the new event will have several NEW items for us to choose, I know we will have several drops from previous events. For me personally, I do not really care for recycled items because I have made sure I played the other events to get the items I wanted, but I know that some people couldn't get them so it's good to have them.

That started me thinking about another way of implementing "old" drops as rewards. I think it would be a good idea to reskin the old items anytime they are re-used. It would preserve the "exclusiveness" for those that worked (or bought) the original while allowing others to still have the same exact stat item (just different looking). Essentially we are talking about a transmogged item.

Perfect example would be the mask of wildfire. If it's going to be used again for this event, I'd like to see it as maybe wizard glasses or a mage hat (in the event color) instead of the wildfire green mask. It would still have 250luck and all the same stats. Same thing for something like SSI Epps... bring them back but instead of having them as Epps make them like a hawkwinds style robe etc.

By doing this, even people like me who already have enough of the wildfire masks might spend a pick or 2 on the reskinned item if they like the look of it.
  1. Should items being brought back from previous events be reskinned into a different look (same stats)9 votes
    1. Yes - I'd pick the items with same stats as before that look different
    2. No - I wouldn't pick the new looking item even if I wanted the stats


  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 1,576
    They should be added to the black market as well
  • CovenantXCovenantX Posts: 789
    Unfortunately i think it's more likely they fix the 'shard-bound' preventing those items from being transmogrified via transmog potion, as opposed to releasing different versions of the item.
    and we know how likely it is now that bugs get fixed... I mean bugs from 2018 are still being discussed, I'm sure some from even before that as well.

    Anyway, to add - I'd like to see those items released for different equip slots, so you could get a full-set of items with identical properties,

    like Balron bone Armor, we already have the chest armor, so add, gloves, arms, legs, gorget & helmet,  - of course the +5 HP would be redundant in a full set encouraging the use of other items in the remaining slot(s), which would also increase the viability of items like the Tangle & Ozyimandia's Obi etc. etc.

    same with the arch-lich gloves sets (maybe change up the eater properties on other pieces)
    the paladin plate arms, mark of wildfire etc.

    Remove or change casting focus & poison immunity it reduces the need for "Player Skill" it's garbage. rant2 Bring timing back and eliminate chance in pvp!
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