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January 2023 newsletter:
It seems that there are a lot of questions as to what the difference is between multi client and following and multi boxing is.  One is illegal and that is the multiboxing which allows you to run more than one account all with the same controller.  This is multiboxing.  Multi client is when you are able to have several accounts on the same computer run but you have to switch back and forth and operate them sperately.  And of course it is not illegal to auto follow

”I am still uncertain, the most common multi boxing like action is:
A) guilds using a script to target an individual player and share that target with other guild members and
B ) also synchronise the attack by taking partial control of other guild members who are accepting target sharing scripts. EG auto releases held spells at same time and auto attacks said target with selected special attacks

is this supposed to be bannable or not? 
Most guilds are actively doing A and consider doing B as cheating, some are doing B.

some people consider using scripts A or B are cheating.

Very unclear about what scripts are and are not bannable. 
(Please note I’m not enquiring what is allowed, as technically you’re allowed to use non broadsword clients. But they are not actioning use of any cheats)
Query is about what if any scripts are bannable.

Does A or B count as multi boxing? when technically a player is partially controlling each account”

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    Is the script in an unapproved 3rd party program?
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    It is unclear, and the distinction they’re trying to draw between multi-client and multi-boxing is unnecessary.

    What they should just say is controlling multiple accounts at the same time is fine, so long as it’s not done through unauthorized programs, such as those with automation capabilities that are detrimental to the game, and that attempting to circumvent restrictions is not allowed.

    Private servers have this problem, and the more restrictive ones have exceptions in place to limit the amount of accounts that can be associated with a single household. Broadsword wouldn’t want to do that since, in addition to being hard to enforce, it wouldn’t make sense for them to limit a person’s ability to give them money.

    As I gather from your examples, which entail the synchronization of actions across multiple players, this is less a question of multi-clients or multi-boxing and more just a question of enforcing rules against third-party programs that allow for such synchronization. 

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    Actually I think it’s pretty simple…

    Any action that passes a command to multiple clients is illegal.

    Using auto-follow doesn’t pass a command to multiple clients, auto-follow is an action initiated by the client, same as auto-defend.

    To be legal, all actions must be initiated on clients individually.
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