EC cant open runebooks after death

LucitusLucitus Posts: 4
Often when i am dead and iam ressurect all my runebooks have been disabled in the hotbar and never been enabled again after ressurection.


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,296
    Never tried this.  I keep the ones I use in the top level of my bag.  They are always in the same place when I ressurect.
  • This happens to me, too. They're in the top level of my backpack and also in the hotbar. I have to delete each hotbar item and drag them back in to make them active again.
  • I have fixed it by disabling the disabling of the not found items in the HotbarSystem.lua but too long time since i have developed the interface, maybe a dev can look into it. I think a event for activating the runebooks again after death is missing. Think when you are dead the systems gets an event to disable the runebooks because they have left the backpack, but when resurrecting again it doesn't fire an event that the items are there again.
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