Log in Sync Issue

Been having major sync problems trying to log in. Both EC and CC. Rebooted game, rebooted computer. When did get in had one instance exited deceit and went back in and pet disappeared.  logged out and that brought me back to sync issue again. Anyone else having problems?


  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,217
    No issues here
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,330
    Check your internet connection.  Had similar problems when we moved and changed internet providers.  Old stuff they gave us just barely functioned.  When we asked for help, they gave us the more modern stuff we should have gotten in the first place and that solved it.  Our internet problem affected other stuff in the house though.  New mouse cleared up other problems caused by the old mouse that worked fine outside of UO.

    Hope you clear it up.  UO is an old game never know what will be the next thing to break.  Game has been having a problem with pets disappearing.  But if it’s just you may be more likely not be a problem with UO.  I am not having problems logging on or losing connection anymore.

  • Rebooting my internet was one of the things I tried. Still happening. About only advice that's does anything is fact in EC you just go back and try again since the password remains. They reported things like 15 attempts, have not had that many.... YET.
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