New Magincia...

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* blurry image slowly focusing on an apple, zooms out to capture a huge table filled with documents, maps and some trinkets, tilts up slowly revealing a fire elemental *

... Pitr was quietly seated in his governor's chair... listening to the reports of each governor, while our king took some notes.

Yew was still recovering from the destruction and chaos caused by the mad piper.

Vesper was the same old fortress closely guarded by the knights.

Moonglow was under the attack of an army of mongbats.

Skara was working on improving the education of its female citizens.

Trinsic was discussing civil war? Someone reported Juo'nar, the fallen paladin, was somewhere inside Deceit.

Britain was the home of the dragon people now.

Minoc was attacked again and many were killed, relics were lost. All the king was focusing was on the "familia" and how Moreno (their leader) wasn't able to steal the magic hammer inside Minoc's mines... some former agent of the crown took it first.

Magincia... "How fares Magincia?" asked the king. The fire elemental within the elf was raging not in anger but in humility. Could he serve the citizens and the city in a better way? All this process of not fighting back took a heavy toll.
"My liege", he started... and described how:
- the governor's office was burnt to the ground, the docks were set on fire and several citizens were murdered between the two locations.
- many official documents and books of lore were destroyed.
- some citizens have left for safer cities leaving empty plots.
- the tormtars, the city's knight-errants, were inside deceit fighting the fallen paladin, Juo'nar.
- with a little over 60 scared families left, the city was starting to look like a ghost town.
- all riches were long gone except for the mines and their secret location.
For a while, the purple haired elf wondered if delivering the writ with the emancipation of his people would change anything. Looking around, the king and his love for chess, some of the governors and their own perspectives... The choice was simple.

Silent Emancipation.


Next in line it was jhelom... where some curse was getting the warehouse full.

Soon the meeting was over... moving at a fast pace towards the dungeon... and a quick recall back into magincia.

The elf walked slowly towards the ancient entrance... "wis flam ort"... the runes flashed briefly and the entire bolder vanished... revealing a passageway... his eyes adapted to the darkness and slowly, but with sure steps, the old arcanist went into the old mine...


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