Faster cast recovery: Spellweaving and Mysticism inconsistency?

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The page here:

Talks about faster cast recovery, as it relates to magery:

"The unadjusted time between spells is one and a half seconds
Each point you have in this ability will reduce that time by a quarter second. 
The most you can have of this effect is 6, which negates the wait time completely."

The above holds true for magery and necromancy.

However, spellweaving and mysticism appear to be different.  The unadjusted time between spells appears to be one and three quarters seconds.  Therefore, FCR6 will only reduce the wait to 0.25 seconds.   (unsurprisingly, overcap to FCR7 does not overcome this).

You can easily observe this in EC macros when "you have not yet recovered from casting a spell." occurs at FCR6, when using the corrected spell timings outlined in other threads in this forum.  You can also observe that using 1.75s for the unadjusted base time in macros for spellweaving and mysticism will address this, when calculating the proper delay times.

I do not know if this is ambiguity in the documentation, or a back end server side code bug.  

(Have not checked the spell schools beyond what is mentioned in this message).


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    "yes this is true, 
    it has been known in PvP circles that you can play FC 2, FCR5 for mages without much issue but not recommended for mystics.
    and i couldn't find any documentation about it,"
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