EJ Accounts and Halloween Bones

Been hunting named skeletal warriors on one of my EJ accounts and I have gotten zero bones.  I didn't see anything in the publish notes which said EJ Accounts weren't eligible for bones but is this the case?  I used to get bones, but it seems once the publish went live, that is no longer the case.


  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    I haven't tried any of my EJ toons this year. I'll go give it a shot and see. I know sometimes you just get unlucky. I've killed my regular toons (always at least 10 times in a row) and not gotten any bones. This at 2am when no one else in yards or awake basically. lol
  • SableSable Posts: 242
    I've been clearing the graveyards of all named skeletal warriors and no luck on bones the past couple of days.  It just seems like an exceptionally long run without bones.  I suppose I should login to my paid account and give it a try to make sure I can get bones on those characters too.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    I just got a set of the new style bones (sitting) in green (not wildfire green). So yes, EJ can still get bones. You are either having my usual luck or someone is getting to them before you.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    Someone got a set of my toons bones in demonic forces color and gave them to me. So yes, they can be gotten in new colors too.
  • SableSable Posts: 242
    Thanks for checking!  Appreciate it.
  • MargeMarge Posts: 722
    You Welcome :)
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,275
    I killed almost 50 the other day until I got bones. They stingy.
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  • SethSeth Posts: 2,904
    The drop rate is not high even when using a vet account. 
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