Two Questions on Deceit Event

@Kyronix I will apologize if this has been asked/answered elsewhere but I was not able to find the answers.
1. Will the publish notes be updated with information about the new items added to the reward list and how they may be modified? (Cowl, Collar and Tabard)
2. Will the Potions be activated on the UO store for this event? I know several are clutching their pennies and holding their breath waiting to be able to purchase (me, it's me). LOL

Thank you in advance. 


  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,017Dev
    The Cowl, Collar & Tabard are part of the lore rewards, along with the lore pages.  They will show some interesting information when double clicked.

    Yes  - potions are coming to the UO Store
  • Thank you!!! <3 
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