List for all potential named items with HP increase? Same for belt slots?

Maybe @Mariah would know if there is a list available where I can see all options out there for named items with HP increase? Same for belt slots / earring slots / back slot / etc.

With the new items I'm trying to see how they would fit into my current build which will need tweaking to incorporate them. I like the idea of my sampire getting that +5 necro from the belt but since it only have 5HP it's hard for me to give up my CC. 


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    Not currently. Artifacts are listed by the collection they belong in and by item type. Only three properties are listed in addition; damage increase, spell damage increase and luck.
    A search for the property in the wiki gave me the following results:
    mushroom cultivator apron
    Mark of the Destroyer
    Balron Bone Armor
    Dupre's Shield
    Tunic of Guarding
    Cloak of Life
    Knight's Armor
    Studded Armor, Moonglow Zoo Collection
    Most Knowledge Person (replica)
    Gauntlets of Anger (replica)
    Gladiator's Collar (replica)
    Orc Chieftain Helm (replica)
    Darden's Set
    Myrmidon Armor Set
    Crimson Cincture
    Monstrous Interred Grizzle Set
    Bracelet of Health
    Holy Knight's Breastplate
    Token of holy favor
    Shroud of the condemned
    Bracelet of Protection
    Bronzed armor of the valkyrie
    Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings
    Enchanted Coral Bracelet

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    Are the Artifacts given on Test server the full list of all existing artifacts in the game ?

    If so, I wonder, if it would be somehow possible to make a full database of them all with their properties and all that, in an easy way....

    Then, with a spreadsheet, it would be possible to get them listed on the UO Wiki filtering them by properties...

    I guess, though, that perhaps, some application would be needed to make the process streamlined and not too much time consuming...

    I mean, with the "Give Arties" command,
    • Major artifacts.
    • Eodon artifacts
    • Tokuno major artifacts.
    • Minor artifacts – Mondain’s Legacy set.
    • SA Major Artifacts (human only)
    • Replicas
    There are still missing the Artifacts from the Treasures of Events, those from the Roof, and others.... not sure what all others which do not spawn on Test server, currently, with the "Give Arties" command might be...

    They get spawned in the Bank box but, of course, they are way too many to fit in a backpack..... so, something capable of "reading" them while in the bank box could come handy....

    Anyways, just saying that, having such a comprehensive list of all Artifacts existing in UO, I think, could be quite usefull to players when trying to assemble their characters gear....
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    No, the ones on test center are no where near the full list.

  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,015Moderator
    Don't forget, hit point increase from items is capped at 25.

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