7x gm mystic thrower questions

Want to use shield for added benefits will gm parry be enough to compensate for penalty??
Which should I take to 120 throwing or mystic?  I'm leaning towards mystic as want stronger RC

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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 962
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    Myself not impressed that much by 120 throwing.  Think throwing works great on the lower end spawns but RC maybe supported by throwing on the bigger stuff.  Don’t use him that much to tackle the big stuff so others should give you a better answer. It’s hard to find good throwing weapons unless you plan on making them yourself.  Think being able to cast RC almost 100% of the time would make 120 mystic the better choice. Choice might depend more on what you are fighting.
  • SarkonSarkon Posts: 56
    Depending on what your jewelry cache looks like, I would get them both to 120.  120 real on one and use jewelry to 120 the other.  I have some throwers that I use to farm lower stuff, like Stygian Abyss Mini-Champs and Imbuing mats around Ter-Mur, so the hardest things I fight are the Mini-Champ Bosses.  RC and EoO are plenty for those.  They don't break any speed records doing them, and a better geared character could definitely do tougher things.  I do think the Mystic Thrower template has a ton of potential, but I am content with where mine are at for now.  None of mine use a shield though, so I can't really say if Parrying would be worth it.  RC is my favorite spell, and I focus on using Mysticism primarily and throwing as a secondary style, so take that as you will.  These are all on just fun shards that I really don't plan on doing much with...I just enjoy training characters and it lets me partake in events on other shards since they are quick and easy to build.  I did manage to find Valkyries (Undead slayer) for most of them, so I tend to farm those areas more like Tomb of Kings and stuff.
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