Its been almost a year, and UO still can't receive Microsoft emails.

@Mesanna I used to have free email service with my website through GoDaddy hosting, but then suddenly GoDaddy will no longer provide this free email service, and instead all my emails automatically got ported over to Microsoft Office.  Now I currently have 15-20 active UO accounts, it used to be convenient to receive updates about my accounts.  Now I don't get any UO newsletters.  My messages to UO Support go unanswered.  However if I make the changes by applying a gametime codes through the Master Account System or change my passwords for my Master Accounts through, I will receive notifications about that.  I realize you have been aware of this problem for over a year, and you have mentioned it in the newsletters that I am unable to receive.  Is there any progress being made or attempted to address this issue?  It would be difficult for me to suddenly make 15-20 new emails just to fix this situation.  I know players who have given up on coming back to UO, because it appeared support was not responding to their emails.  How much money is UO losing over something this stupid?  I don't blame you or staff personally for causing this problem, I just want to know if it will ever be fixed.  Thank you!


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    Does this include hotmail ?  I'm willing to bet a large number of accounts were started with hotmail accounts...
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    hmm, I still get newsletter and account update email for new sub or end of sub.

    It's the bug that are lacking response could be due to coders tied up with NLS.
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    I had a Yahoo account that hadn't gotten emails from
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    since 2018 or possibly even longer. Don't have access to that email any more to check, switched to gmail around the new years. Super annoying... never knew when game time or credit card expired. Almost lost houses a few times. I could absolutely see losing subs over this. Dumb
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    Is this something that is difficult to fix?
    Acknowledgment and accountability go a long way... 
  • McDougle said:
    Does this include hotmail ?  I'm willing to bet a large number of accounts were started with hotmail accounts...
    Yes the newsletters I find online, which are never posted on and due to this issue not found in my inbox, state the following:

    September 2021
    We would like to inform you that there is an email issue in regards to Microsoft email domains, including,,,, and EA Accounts that use the above domains are currently not receiving account update notifications, such as account closure, etc. Additionally, when you are contacting Billing and Technical Support at support [at], you are supposed to immediately receive an auto-reply email. If this is not the case, then you can ensure your email provider is not allowing our replies to come through. The best way to bypass this issue at this time is to contact us from a non-Microsoft email address at support [at], while we are waiting on a resolution. If you do not have a non-Microsoft email at this time, please email us at support [at]

    March 2022
    I need to make sure everyone understands we have a restriction and can not receive emails that come from a hotmail account.  If you are emailing us from that type of email please understand we are not ignoring you, we are not getting those emails. Please change your email and email us back.

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    So is it EAs or UOs problem
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    edited June 2022
    This is not really an EA or UO issue - but one that stems from centralized blacklists that may or may not affect people who use Outlook (and other Microsoft products).

    If you are running your own Exchange server, but are using the Microsoft blanket blacklist (part of their security updates and such whatnot) this might be a problem. All Microsoft products use the centralized list, and only by request can this be changed.

    Adversely, this might also contribute to Broadsword's email woes of not receiving from various Microsoft domains, especially if they are using Google Workspace for their cloud resources.

    I will note, I had issues sending from my hotmail-hosted account to Google accounts. Also been part of the running discussion in the email marketing circles. Microsoft is not playing nicely as they have their own standardization which seems to conflict with 70%+ of the world. ::shrug::

    Insofar as receiving emails from UO (and their domains), you might want to look at this article:
    Not sure just how your enterprise is structured, but this might help send you on the path.
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