Legacy WWs, Nightmare and Dragon

Hello Just got back to the game and I have a few legacy pets.

If anyone can price check them to me or make an offer I would appreciate.

Needing the money to set my foot on ground.

I'm on chesa, but I have a friend that could take them to atlantic or some other servers.

There are 2 legacy white wyrms. Both pure "smooth" white, both with 80 cold resist and untrained.
One has 750 str, 125 dex, 75,86% total intensity.
The other has 746 str, 128dex, 70,05% total intensity.

I also have a legacy untrained nightmare, short mane, 525 str, 88.83% total intensity.

And a smooth untrained legacy red dragon, 799 str, 66.19% total intensity.

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