Nice Being Back,

Greeting All,

Been Back for a month now getting my accounts in order, feels good to be back to UO, Ran into a few old timers I remember from 1997 the cities look a little more empty and have been running into some memorials of close friends from back in the day, The Guardians Of Valhalla for the most part seem to be pretty much quiet, a few of them log on now and then but for the most part the roster is quiet, will be cleaning house on it here shortly, I am still trying to get the DEVS to move the Guild Memorial to the Keep that is Now the Guild house but they tell me they have its to much work to do, and would be to much trouble to replace it next to the current guild house, shame to see the memorial of a legacy guild sitting abandoned on a empty continent, but ill keep requesting until its done or they block me "shrugs". That's pretty much been my experience back thus far, hope to see some more old friends on Great Lakes. Thanks for taking the time to read, Hunt Well all & remember In Honor there is no defeat, In truth only freedom.

Lord Lucifer
Guardians Of Valhalla
Great Lakes
AKA The Orange Guy On The Firesteed In Brit..


  • FeigrFeigr Posts: 493
    Hey Welcome back man! Watching your stream right now.
  • okchaokcha Posts: 12
    Feigr  Hey thanks for checking out the stream, Feels good to be back!
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