An official statement from the Governor of Minoc

For immediate release, from the office of Governor Anne Nomilly.

Governor Anne Nomilly would like to thank everyone for their concern for the well being of Governor Kaz, Ambassador Morganna and herself after the unprovoked ambush last week at the Minoc mining camps. While investigating some evidence left behind at a recent criminal gathering, a group led by Moreno and his pet assassin Suka, attacked the Governors and the Ambassador warning them to “keep their nose out of the Family’s business”. Governor Anne was overheard telling them to keep their “business” out of her city.

Two of Minoc’s finest guards showed up to assist and one of the “gang”, a rather mangy looking rat by the name of Hobo Jo, was seen practicing some rather impressive flying skills with assistance from a drop kick delivered by one of the guards.  The big blue mutant proved a little tougher and Governor Kaz received several broken bones in the melee. Governor Anne received several burns, a split lip and a couple of broken ribs while Ambassador Morganna was subjected to numerous rat bites and scratches. Luckily, it appears the rat was not carrying any horrible disease and the bites only required some cleaning and a few stitches. While painful, Ambassador Morganna counted herself lucky.

Contrary to recent rumors otherwise, and in spite of the serious injuries sustained in the attack, all three are well on the road to recovery. The Minoc Society of Healers stated that all three would need to rest to allow their wounds to fully heal but she saw no danger of long-term ill effects. All three also appear determined not to bow to the cowardly attacks.

In other news, both Governors and the Ambassador were recently seen touring the destruction wrought by the cowardly group of thugs knows as “The Family”. It seems that while the Governors and Ambassador were recovering, a group snuck back to the camp where they proceeded to terrorize an innocent group of miners simply trying to go about making a living. Several tents were set on fire and the miners’ belongings were pulled from the tents and cut to shreds.  Many were left with nothing in the attack. Tacked to a pole was another warning to stay out of the Family’s business.

When asked for comment, Governor Anne tore the warnings into small shreds and stated, “These attacks on innocent workers trying to simply go about their business and provide for their families will not go unanswered. The citizens of Minoc will not be cowed by outlaws, cowards and thugs. As we always have, we will continue to provide relief and supplies for the miners and their families in this time of their need.”

Governor Anne has requested that all citizens of Minoc be on the lookout for other signs of trouble and has immediately authorized the release of all weapons stored at the armory to be distributed to the guards and any able-bodied volunteers. In authorizing the release, Governor Anne stated, “Minoc will always stand with the other cities, but we will ALWAYS take care of our own. And rest assured, I will have words with the King regarding this matter.”


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