IDOCs for 3/13

will try to update this later today. make sure you check trammel trade ministers for all idocs.
houses falling that i know of so far today
Baja trammel keep
Napa trammel keep
Europa has a felucca and a trammel house falling
Arirang has a trammel keep, zento, and a trammel house falling
Balhae has a trammel keep falling.
Atlantic 1st shop out umbras east side has a pink idoc runebook on the porch
Toad Town has its in game auction tonight on Atlantic at 6pm ET


  • SoldahouseSoldahouse Posts: 129
    LS has 2 falling in malas
    Origin malas
    Europa luna 
    Formosa trammel
    Yamato felucca
    Asuka 2 falling in trammel
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