A Pirates Life ye Seek?.....

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Deep in the heart of Tokuno, Dark Raven hair and Jade eyes watched as tunnels were dug under Makoto. Far too long has the Empress held onto her reign and oppressed her people. Now, there are those that refuse to take it any longer, those that are willing to fight, those that are willing to die for their beautiful land and for what is right.

“Capt'n, The east tunnels are complete. Do ye wish us to advance?”, The Captain turned her head and smiled at her First Mate that slowly walked up to her. His frame was larger than any other Tokunese man should be, the fond look in the Captains eyes were not unnoticed by him. “Not yet, we do not have the numbers to battle her armies. We must play this wisely. If we attack now, we lose. I want her armies weakened from the inside out. My friend will see that we have the numbers we need.” The First Mate looked on concerned. “But Capt'n, nay tryin' to question ye, but can ye trust her? She Britannian, and I heard she be workin' with the King at that...”

The Captain chuckles, “That is exactly why I trust Karisa. She is a double edged sword, and the perfect spy. She is also an Honorable person, Merciful, and Fair. She understands the problem here, she will bring us hope, and when it is all done, I will make sure she is honored here again.” The First Mate nods his head slowly, “I trust you, Capt'n. We all do, and we're going to see this through.”

The Captain smiles and rests her hand against her First Mates arm, “Tonight, we will meet with Karisa's new friends. Recruit them to our cause, I know the General was not honest with them, I will be, My love.”

As the two watched the workers in silence, A streak of blond hair stands out in the darkness, watching the events unfold with a smile on her lips....

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