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"Dear citizens of New Magincia, we're adding a new feature to our city... a royal guard regiment, the Black Cloaks. If you are a citizen of New Magincia and wish to become a royal guard (simply to get the city title while keeping the allegiance to your guild), please send a pigeon (PM).
- positive karma and owner of a cloak of humility.
Thank you Pitr, Governor of New Magincia, Trammel."
Each Black Cloak will be whatever the player wants him/her to be... for example, a Knight Errant (a knight who traveled widely in search of adventures, to exhibit military skill, to engage in chivalric deeds) or create your own template... with full independence (our leader is the King, this is his Royal Guard). Please report if you need any assistance (want to hunt something and create a story to do so), so the governor can do his best to help! (and you keep me busy!)
Ranks will be issued by seniority so everyone gets the same treatment.
Ranks: Cadet, Warden, Vanguardier (1 month, 3 months, 6 months).


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    Hypness was a young fencer, somewhat fearless. They crossed paths in the Ice Dungeon. The fencer was piercing artic ogre lord after artic ogre lord... and a pile of corpses were stacking at her feet... her skills were improving and she was getting faster and faster. Nearby, her pet, a blue beetle named Arthur, had most of the saddlebags full with gold, gems and magical items. Out of courtesy, the venerable elf gated them to New Haven, his favorite city. Hypness commanded the beetle to follow and crossed the blue moongate. Both vanished and, in a heartbeat, were in New Haven by the mint. While she deposited the gold and the gems in her vault, she asked about the price of some legendary scrolls of knowledge. She knew that those scrolls existed and would allow her to improve her fencing, anatomy, tactics, parry and maybe bushido. Hypness was saving to purchase some of those scrolls. The purple haired elf smiled. There were some scrolls left from his old adventures in Felucca... Some days later Hypness had finished her training. She was an elder fencer, now she would need to find those legendary scrolls. She also used an ancient scroll that increased her perception and extended her physical prowess beyond the typical boundaries. The elf mentioned something about defeating Exodus somewhere in the future.

    During their time together, Hypness found out that the elf was the governor of New Magincia, the Trammel one. He took her to a weird and ugly crystal tower. On the top, there was the city's senate. Simple benches in a square, with some comfortable pillows for some of the council members. In the center of the meeting area, a huge diamond that contrasted abruptly with the general feeling of humility that permeated the tower! Around the walls, ancient items related to the city's lore. Minax's attack on the city, VirtueBane's bracers, humility pies... It seems the elf was attacked by a bunny-assassin and was recruiting warriors to a new royal guard regiment... the New Magincia's Regiment. It took a while for the fencer to grasp the big picture. From what was shared, the elf was part of an ancient royal guard regiment devoted to Queen Dawn... while being the governor of New Magincia under the leadership of King Blackthorn. Very confusing! Back to the point, the old elf introduced the concept of serving the council and the regiment. This inverse leadership style was, again, confusing! It took some hunts together for Hypness to understand the concept. The council members would have singular visions for the city. The governor would unite those visions into action, under the supervision of the council, and the regiment was being created to defend the city and protect the humble folk of New Magincia.

    Finally, Hypness visited the ruins of the former regiment of Britain. The elf told a tale of creation, chaos and death. How the royal guards served the Queen only to see her being murdered by her own husband while the Banites were destroying New Magincia. But all that was past... his vision was set on a new age, an age of Hope and Peace. Some days later he shared the RBG vow, an old book... and Hypness picked a virtue. Honesty was her favorite. The old elf took her to the shrine of Honesty and shared Honesty's power word: Fallax. They spoke about the virtues and how the virtue system shaped everything. Hypness chanted the RBG vow, speaking and listening to each word. It was an Oath and it was a Promise... a new path. She got her new cloak from the old elf... a black cloak and she found a new home.
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